Almost Edible

I love food. I even love wearing food. Not in an icky Lady Gaga meat outfit kind of way, but I mean things like this…

How cute is this Macaroon Ring?

Portable Patisserie Ring

And this jammy biscuit? I’d have to resist the urge to dunk it in a cup of tea!

Dessert Oasis Necklace

I have been known to walk around with bits of cake in my hair (thanks kids!) but haven’t been able to pull off anything as cute as these.

Vintage Let Them Eat Cake! Barettes

Okay perhaps toast in your ears is going a bit far, but they are cute.8cc7b185a4d544142959c1f6bcfa0dbf

All these gorgeous foodie things and more are available at the marvellous

I spend way too much time looking at their pretty frocks and trinkets.


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