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Pumpkin & Coriander Wontons

Making something you’ve never made before is an interesting process.

Sometimes you know the moment you read through a recipe, or see a picture of a dish, that this is ‘the one’ It’s almost as if the recipe chooses you. If you’re me (and let’s face it, you’re probably not), this quickly becomes an obsession that can only be ‘cured’ by making it as soon as possible so you can get on with the rest your life.

Other times you create your own recipe. Again, if you’re me, this is achieved either by conscious experimentation or happy accident. 

My recipe inventions are most commonly born out of a craving for a certain taste or a combination of ingredients that need eating before they spoil. Today’s lazy Sunday lunch was based on a bit of both. I love the combination of pumpkin and coriander and needed to use up my packet of wonton wrappers and so, the Pumpkin & Coriander Wonton came to be.




300g butternut pumpkin, diced

1 1/2 tablespoons chopped fresh coriander

2 spring onions, both white and green parts

1 teaspoon soy sauce

I packet of Wonton wrappers

A good pinch of salt (to taste)

Vegetable oil

Sweet Chilli Sauce to serve


Steam the pumpkin for about 8 minutes or until tender.

Mash the pumpkin, getting all the lumps out.  (Baby food making flashback – scary!)

Add the coriander, spring onions, salt and soy and mix to combine.

Let the mixture cool fully.

Take a wonton wrapper and lightly brush around the edges with water.  Place a teaspoon of the mixture into the centre of the wonton and carefully bring the points together as if you were making a triangle. Then bring up the other points to meet them and lightly twist the four points together, pressing to seal it all as you go. It should look a little like this.

Continue with the remainder of the mixture.

Heat about 5 cms of oil in a wok or frying pan (enough to basically cover a wonton). Break off a tiny piece of wonton skin and toss it into the oil to test if it is hot enough. It will bubble up nicely and brown and blister if it is.

Cook the wontons about 6 at a time in batches. They do take off rather quickly so be ready. The filling is already cooked so all you need is to cook the wonton skin.  Drain them on paper towel. Repeat until all cooked.

Serve immediately with sweet chilli sauce.

Couldn’t be simpler really.